Ways to Work
with me 


Activate Your Anthem!

This is my signature program and passion!


This unique process is streamlined to be incredibly meaningful and efficient.

I guide you through creating a new narrative for yourself that feels high-vibe and believable.

We tap into what your Soul is wanting to say vs your ego.

You'll understand how to "activate" your own power and Knowingness.

You'll receive your very own customized Anthem! This is a gift by you, to you.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to connect!

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The Elevated Entrepreneur Collective

This is a power-packed membership program specifically to support female entrepreneurs/ solopreneurs/ freelancers.

In The Collective you will receive access to and mentorship from 4 Coaches every month:

- Business Strategy
- Social Media
- Mindset (that's me!)
- Nutrition & Fitness

Even more important is you will be part of our incredible Community!

This is a space for you to be seen, supported, and appreciated for who you are and all that you are becoming through your business.

Check out the link for more info.




May Pep Rally Flyer.png

Spiritual Pep Rally

Every month I host in-person events where like-minded people who love and appreciate spiritual growth and education can come together.

There is also a mini-performance by a local artist!

Each Pep Rally has its own theme and has included a blend of:

- Intentional Living


- Guided Meditation

- Guest Speakers

- Energy Intuitives

- Breathwork & Sound Healing

This is such a heartfelt community and place to come as you are and feel seen and appreciated.

We're all on the journey to becoming our most authentic selves so it's nice to have support along the way!

I invite you to join us!

Click the link to see the events calendar.