A Positive Vision for Our Future

How are you navigating these interesting and intense times?

Have you been aware of your thoughts and emotions lately?

Everything feels elevated and so tense right now which is why I wanted to share this new Anthem and perspective with you.

I could feel the anxiousness on a regular basis within myself and I realized 2 things:

1. The polarization I felt of the strong "us versus them" or that there is "a right side and a wrong side" put me into a reactionary mode. Knee-jerk reactions come from an unconscious place within us along with a feeling of separation and feeling threatened.

2. However, when I was grounded and still, a VERY different knowingness would float to the surface: We are all connected as a family of humanity. This truth outweighs any election always and forever. Our focus determines our outcome so I want to consciously create a focus that supports our win as a collective!

So naturally, you know what I did next, I reframed the narrative for myself and recorded it so I don't forget the lesson. This conscious, calm, and empowered narrative is so important right now! Anthems help us keep the thoughts we want to adopt at the front of our minds and replaces the thoughts we do not want.

This was my reframe sheet:


Separation from others, fear of the future, feeling powerless, exhausted navigating lies and manipulation, fear of having a loss of our rights, constant anxiety of what will happen

The Reframed Narrative:

The positive view I carry from now on and invite you to adopt this or create your own that resonates with you and allows you to stay focused on what is empowering

and true for you.

"We as a human family are always connected and unified through the energy of love, truth, and understanding. We are thriving together and stronger than we've ever been before. Love is leading us more and more every day.

We are so grateful for the harmony and cooperation all around us!

I am proud of what we as a conscious community are creating for ourselves.

The future is so bright and we're receiving confirmation of this daily.

We are consistently moving towards new levels of peace and unity.

Our hearts are bravely aligned with truth and compassion.

Our intuitive nature is leading the way as our egos fall away.

It is truly a breath of fresh air to receive truth, accountability, and transparency.

This level of beingness is healing our collective hearts and will heal generations to come as well.

We continue to embody our rights and understand the big picture of what is in our and Mother Earth's highest and best good.

New levels of centered empowerment are rising up within each and

every one of us right now.

We are living into a beautifully aligned future that supports all life, land, and liberty!

Universe, please continue to guide us into higher levels of consciousness

and freedom.

The power for all of this is already within us and activating now.

We are embracing a new harmonious collective that is uniting us all.

And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

We are in this growth period together. Remember to hold your intentions of how you want to feel in your hearts and activate them daily without any attachment to how you get there.

Click the link below to listen to our new Anthem!

All my love to you and our bright future,



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