Activate Your Anthem Intensive

11 am-5 pm

November 15 (Sunday)


Ladies, this one is specifically for you and I know you're ready!


If you're ready for:

Connection with like-minded women

Taking control of your thoughts so that they FULLY support you

Diving into your clarity for your future

Having "the work" completely done by the time you leave

The excitement of feeling  empowered again

Connection to your truth and your unique gifts


If you're tired of:

Feeling isolated from your tribe

Feeling like your life & career on are hold

Wondering what your purpose is

Feeling aligned and then losing it

Fearing you'll be stuck this way

Having self sabatoging thoughts all the time

Not knowing how to feel authentically like You again

Then this event is for you!


"I found the Anthem process to be a unique and powerful way to dig deep

and to pin point what was happening internally that I was never able to vocalize .

Megan guided me to find that thing that had been weighing on me for years.

She helped me to address it with grace , authenticity and honesty.

I never thought listening to my own voice would be so powerful.

The Anthem program has given me tools that I will keep and use throughout my life."

- Tina Cookson

 I am hosting the Activate Your Anthem Intensive

Sunday, November 15th from 11am-5pm

It will be in my friend's beautiful backyard out in Blue Diamond so you can feel like you're

escaping the city! 

I know you're time is valuable so we're meeting for a power-packed 6 hours. 11am-5pm


𝐘𝐨𝐮'𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐞:
- Your Anthem workbook/ 21-day journal 
- Communion with like-minded local women
- One on One Coaching from me in creating your Anthem script
- Time in a private recording studio to record your Anthem before you leave.

- A special "anchoring" gift to help you Activate daily

- You'll receive your Anthem (custom soundtrack) by Monday morning.

Then we will begin our 21-day Activation together from Nov 16-Dec 6

What to Expect:

- To get crystal clear on what thoughts are holding you back 

- Gain clarity about what your Soul truly wants

- Create a customized empowering "script" for yourself 

You'll record your audio and choose your background music for your Anthem


With this program:

You will feel so much lighter, centered, and completely energized by this process. 

The beauty of this program is you do "The Work" once, 
then you have an empowering soundtrack to listen to every day to bring you back to your own knowing and clarity. 


If you register by Nov 11th (11.11) you will receive a 20% discount


This program is valued at $450, however, if you register by Wednesday November 11th (11.11)

your rate will only be $215!


This event is limited to 5 women only so if you are interested or

have any questions at all, please email at


 With this program, your mindset is aligned with your truth and your power before you roll into the holidays. This is a gift for you and your well being. 


After the Event:
I will share an Accountability app with you to help you to listen to your Anthem

for 21 consecutive days.


 Now the Magic Happens:
You will begin re-training your thoughts, replacing fears with confident clarity,
 and enjoying synchronicities as you become vibrationally aligned with your truth.

Opportunities will just start showing up "out of the blue" for you.

It has happened for everyone who has gone through this program!

There are testimonials here on my website if you would like to check them out and

hear what other mindful women & men have to say. 

I look forward to helping you to Activate Your Truth!


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