how WOULD it feel to have complete clarity & Confidence as you move forward in your life?

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What if you felt excited and crystal clear about your future and what mattered most to you right now?

What could you accomplish if you maintained momentum toward your dreams every day?

What if you felt truly connected to your vision of the future and felt it was becoming a reality?

In my program, Activating Your Anthem, you create an empowered soundtrack for your life, written by the wisdom of your heart.

What is an Anthem?

Your "Anthem" is a customized soundtrack for you using your own voice. Your inspiring script clearly states what matters most to you right now, your Truth. It also states all of the affirmations and positive thoughts that you want to think or "activate" from within you on a daily basis.

"Humans have 60,0000 - 70,000 thoughts per day.

90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before." 

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

So if you believe your thoughts create any kind of impact on your life, then how happy are you with your thoughts and your self talk? If you're anything like me, you would love to have a fun integration tool that is customized to your goals and your personality.

In the Activate Your Anthem program, I will lead you through two coaching calls to help you gain clarity of what matters most to you right now and how it would feel for your dreams to be a reality. These exercises create your "script". Next, I will make sure that there are no limiting beliefs triggered in your script, meaning if there is a goal that feels too good to be true or unachievable, we will find another way to word your goal so that it resonates with you.

Lastly, I help you create a customized soundtrack for your life that captures all of the powerful momentum you are taking with you as you move forward into an empowered and intentional life. You will record your script and then I will add the upbeat instrumental music of your choice from the Activate Your Anthem (AYA) Library. Now you have your own Anthem to listen to every day, you're inspired to reach your dreams faster!

You will gain:

* The ability to activate the feeling and energy of your fullest potential

* Clarity of daily thoughts

* Clarity about your power to remove fear

* The vision for the life you desire becomes more real than your current reality and you are able to focus on what is wanted versus the unwanted.


Overall Result - When you listen every day, for at least 21 days, you feel happier,

more trusting of what can unfold for you and life feels lighter.

Welcome message from Megan Wilson,

Founder of Activate Your Anthem

AYA Kaleigh Cronin.jpg

Broadway Performer

      Activate Your Anthem has changed the way I approach life.

It has restored my confidence, reminded me of my self worth, helped to keep my nerves at bay and my mind at peace. As a Broadway performer, I listen to my Anthem before: auditions, taking the stage at nerve-wracking performances, and important meetings. 

I'm so grateful to Megan for offering this fantastic program that, I believe, would be useful to absolutely everyone.

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